Florida Business and Finance Exam: Test Prep for Ratio Problems!

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Here’s how to use the approved reference books during the test to solve any ratio problem on the Florida Business and Finance Exam.  This digital product walks you through the confusing discussion of ratio problems in the Florida Contractors Manual, as well as the less confusing (and less useful!) discussion in the Builder’s Guide to Accounting.  You can get 36 questions wrong on this test and still pass it!  You will likely see somewhere between 5 and 25 ratio problems.  This test prep provides direct instruction in how to solve financial ratio problems in the B&F exam.  The question is, can you afford not to buy this concise, inexpensive, and clear demonstration of how to use these books to solve those questions?  We think it’s a great deal, and are looking forward to hearing a lot of success stories from people using this tool.



We have cracked the code on Ratio problems on the Florida Business and Finance Exam!

If you want to be a licensed Florida contractor of any kind, you must pass the Business and Finance Exam.  The B&F Exam has 120 questions!  It's designed to have almost half of the test-takers fail!  You can expect to find between 5 and 20 problems related to financial ratios.  Those questions tend to give people without an accounting background the willies.  They gave me the willies and I was an engineer and a math teacher!

This two page test prep can be a game changer.  It will show you how to easily find and use the information you need to solve ratio problems on the B&F exam in the books you bring in with you!


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