The CILB and the DBPR Use the Business and Finance Exam as a credential for many construction licenses.  Wow!  there’s a lot of information in that sentence!  Here’s what happened there:

State of Florida wants to regulate the construction industry to ensure good construction practices, good business practices among construction pros, and a clear way to establish credentials among prospective contractors.  If you want to be a licensed contractor, plumber, pool repair guy – etc. in Florida, you need to demonstrate that you are capable and competent in your craft, and that you have a chance to manage your business well enough to make a living and avoid bankruptcy before you get the credential.  You need to be a good bet for the State of Florida.  The Business and Finance exam exists to help the State successfully make that bet.  The four books that are approved references for this test have the critical information that the prospective business owner needs to keep you from losing your business.

The Builders Guide to Accounting is a kind of accounting for dummies.  Follow the rules laid out in that book, and you’ll be able to find your money, and successfully file your taxes.

The AIA documents (A-201, A-401, and A-701) are standard docs with explicit directions that will keep you out of legal trouble while negotiating the specifics of doing business with other people and business entities.

The section of the Florida Statutes is the actual law underpinning our system of licensure.

The Florida Contractors Manual is a set of discussions about major parts of running these kinds of businesses in Florida.

If you own these books, know how to use them, and are willing to do the work every day to pay attention to your biz, you’ll have a chance to be successful.

We have negotiated with the book vendors to get you the best price on your reference materials.  We’re laying out the process as clearly as we can to help you get through that process as painlessly as possible.  We’re giving you the test prep for free in hopes that you’ll buy the books from us, and that test prep is what we are best at – breaking down and demystifying these giant standardized tests, to give you the best chance to pass ’em the first time.  Call me at 904 290 3961 or email me at if you have any questions about this stuff, or any other problem solving, critical thinking, or test taking project you’re working on.


Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash