Florida Contractor Exams Test Prep – Questions and Answers #1

Mar 1, 2023 | Test Prep, Video

Hi, I’m Paul Stone of License to Pass. We want to sell you your complete game day set of books for all three Florida General Contractor Licensure exams, and we want to give you the tools you need to pass them all on the first try. Here’s another video with possible exam questions, and ways to find the answers in your books.

Here’s another test question from License to Pass for the General Contractors exams in the state of Florida. This question says choose the incorrect answer. When it says choose the incorrect answer, make sure you know that you’re looking for the wrong answer. Be a shame to mess that up. So choose the incorrect answer.

Overhead expenses include payroll taxes, automotive, gas and oil, quality assurance, travel and entertainment. So it’s talking about expenses that sounds like accounting. That sends me directly to this book, the Builder’s Guide to Accounting. So I open up to the table of contents, and I see immediately that in section two, overhead expenses are in chapter twelve, and it starts on page 141. So I flip to 141 and it’s a bunch of words, and I turn to page one more, and there’s two giant lists of expenses.

One for variable, one for fixed. As I look through those, I see everything except quality assurance. The incorrect answer is quality assurance. I found that one in the Builder’s Guide to Accounting. I did that because it was about expenses, and that sounded like accounting, and I went to the table of contents.

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