Is Your Exam Prep Setting You Up For Failure?

Sep 15, 2022 | Florida Contractor's License

If you’re preparing to take a Florida contractor’s license exam, you may be doing it wrong. At License To Pass, we’ve been there, and know how much time it takes to prep for licensing exams. We learned a lot taking our exams, and now we want to save you money and time, and help you pass the exam on your first try with minimal exam prep.

Here’s 3 ways to make your test taking easier:


1) Stop using highlighters. The content in your exam books is all relevant to becoming a licensed Florida contractor. If you’re using highlighters, you may find yourself highlighting an entire page of your book, which will make it harder to find answers on test day.
Instead, try using your book’s index to find the pages where within the book key test words are printed.
Having trouble identifying key words in test questions? Check out our video on how to break down a text question.


2) Forget the tabs. Many online retailers sell sets of tabs to use with the materials you take into your test. As test takers ourselves, we found tabs to be difficult and confusing to use. Not to mention they are unnecessarily expensive! Save your time and money, and skip the tabs.
Instead, purchase the Game Day Bundle from License To Pass — all the books you need, nothing you don’t.


3) Remember: the exam is open book. The Florida Contractor license exam is not like the tests you took in school. This exam allows and encourages test takers to bring certain books into the test with you. In fact, you could say this exam does not measure how much you can memorize, it measures how well you can understand questions and find the answers within the books.
Find a practice exam and focus on identifying which of your books contains the answer to the exam questions.

Tests can be easy and stress free if you prepare easily and well. Follow the experts at License To Pass to make your test day another walk the the park. Grab a Game Day bundle, and get back to your life.